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Nuclear Logics in North Korea

By: Se Hwan Youn Year 2013 in the Korean Peninsula After watching incumbent President Barack Obama successfully secure his tenure for another term, South Koreans are now anxiously waiting for their upcoming presidential election, to be held on December 19th. The population is focusing on how the leadership change will reshape the security landscape in […]

Tibetan Resistance Movement in Light of China’s Power Transition

By: Tenzing Peldun On the eve of China’s pivotal, once in a decade power transition, five Tibetans in Tibet self-immolated while calling for freedom and the return of his Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. All eyes have been on China for the past few weeks due to China’s increasing role in the world arena […]

The Problem with Pakistan

By: Christopher Linnan During the presidential foreign policy debate, Mitt Romney was asked whether he believed America should dump Pakistan as an ally due to the fact that quite a few prominent terrorists – including Osama bin Laden – seem to take refuge there, and due to the blatant anti-Americanism in the country.  Romney’s response […]

A Coptic Revival: Egypt’s Christian Community and Consequences of the Arab Spring

By: Kate Moran On an unassuming morning in December 2010, Muhammad Bouazizi, a young man in the provincial Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid, set off to work as he had done every other morning for as long as he could remember. Several hours later, a policewoman confiscated his fruit and vegetable cart. Instead of accepting […]


Peace and Euroscepticism: The European Union’s role during economic uncertainty

By: Maija Ehlinger, ‘14C Between a currency crisis and national protests, the European Union is facing an uncertain future.  In the coming weeks, we may even witness significant shifts in the makeup of this historic organization. Though the most recent reports claim that Spain will not falter or seek economic help from the EU, there […]


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