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Territorial Disputes: The South China Seas

By: Lauren Webb This article will be the first in a monthly series on Territorial Disputes throughout the world here on EJIA. The goal is to offer some background and context to disputes that persist to this day. With the ongoing escalation of rhetoric in the China Seas, it only seemed appropriate to begin with […]

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The Fiasco: What Mitt Romney’s most recent foreign policy gaffe really reveals

By: Christopher Linnan Several days ago, US embassies in several Middle Eastern countries were attacked in response to an extremely offensive and inaccurate film created by a convicted criminal called Nakoula Bassesseley Nakoula.[i]  Obviously, the roots of these attacks are much more complex than a low-budget YouTube film.  However, for the purpose of this article, […]

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Pacific Rivalry: Continued Escalation over the Senkaku and Daioyu Islands

By: Lauren Webb Despite the summer heat, thousands have gathered throughout China for anti-Japanese protests over disputed islands in the East China Sea, called the Senkaku Islands by Japan (part of Okinawa prefecture), or the Diaoyu Islands by China. China and Japan have each publicly claimed the islands for decades, but over this summer the […]


EJIA informational meeting (9/17)

EJIA will have an informational meeting for this semester this coming Monday (9/17/12), 7:30PM, in the Cox Hall Computer Lab Classroom B. We will be discussing writing commitments for the fall and plans for this academic year going forward. Please feel free to bring along anyone you think would be interested in writing for EJIA! Questions? Concerns? […]


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