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Teach for India: ‘Taking matters into their own hands’ has never been more accurate

By: Pritika Gupta (Warning: The political edge of this article is highly questionable, if not invisible. But this article is from the heart and if you think about it, wouldn’t politics also be better that way?) If you’ve spent your whole life in Mumbai (just as I have), it is rather difficult to not marvel […]


Curiosity about ‘Curiosity’

By: Martin Sigalow As NASA’s new rover Curiosity touched down on Mars on August 6th, the world was transfixed by the first multicolor pictures of its favorite science fiction obsession. Although not the first vehicle landed on Mars, Curiosity is certainly the most scientifically well endowed; its own mobile laboratory, complete with a sky crane […]


The New Truth of AIDS

By: Kate Cyr HIV/AIDS is a disease that has always had a presence in my life. My mother has dedicated a substantial portion of her life to helping those afflicted with the disease. For most of my childhood, I just accepted HIV/AIDS as a part of dinner table conversation without actively engaging. While that changed […]

South Sudan: A Year in Review

By: Maija Ehlinger The world’s newest nation turned one last month.  This July 9th anniversary was a poignant reminder of the hope as well as the struggle that accompanies a new republic.  It was a celebration rising out of a 22-year guerilla war that divided a land brought together by external imperial powers.  It was […]

Japan’s Resurgent Power

By: Lauren Webb Almost continuously for 54 years, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) controlled The Diet, Japan’s parliament. But in 2009, amid a rising debt problem and growing public disenchantment with the establishment, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) took control. They promised to reduce the control of Japan’s bureaucracy. They promised not […]


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