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Into the briar patch

California governor Jerry Brown has signed AB144 into law. Come January 1st of next year, it will be illegal to openly carry a handgun in this State. Expect to see, on the next day, the first of multiple lawsuits; not against the State, but against local governments.

During the debates over AB144, the NRA’s California State Liaison Ed Worley warned that such lawsuits would be filed. Over the past several years, two separate suits challenged capricious CCW policies in two different Federal courts. In both cases, those Federal judges rejected the argument that the plaintiffs’ 2nd Amendment rights were being violated. Both judges reasoned that, since open carry is legal here, CCW is not the only way one may exercise the right to bear arms in self defense.

But now that’s all changed!

Now that open carry is illegal, the only way to carry a handgun is concealed. This opens up localities to strict scrutiny by the courts. The current system of only giving permits to movie stars and political donors just won’t fly anymore. The political class in Sacramento was warned about this, but chose to toss us into the briar patch anyway.

In an earlier post I compared Anthony Portantino to Monty Python’s Black Knight. It looks now like Br’er Fox is a more apt comparison.

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