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From Anthony Canales’ latest News Briefs

Rules For Hunting With Dogs-

1. When hunting birds over a dog, don’t shoot the dog.

2. When duck hunting, if you don’t use a dog you have to jump into that cold water and get your own ducks.

3. When bird hunting, if the dog shows up with a bird  in his mouth that you did not shoot, and no one else is claiming, take it and reward the dog. He might do it again.

4. When hunting chukar, a good dog will want to work the slopes until the talus rips his pads off or until he bursts his heart. Take care of the dog, or you will have to carry the dog back to the truck and the hunt thus ends on a bad note.

5. Good hunting dogs love to hunt. A hunting dog that does not get to hunt is an unhappy dog. A hunting dog that is not allowed to hunt is of no use to hunters, and to the dog himself.

6. Mike Raahauge’s Corollary For Hunting With Dogs- If you change the name of your dog to “Comebackhereyousunovabitch” in the middle of the hunt, you are just confusing the dog. If everyone hunting the same area likewise changes the names of their dogs the same exact way, all you get is a pack of confused dogs and not much hunting gets done.

7. As long as the dog is hunting the same general area you are, and if the dog is well trained or experienced, let him find the birds. His nose is better than yours.

8. When hunting birds with dogs, and while wearing camouflage vests or clothing, be careful where you sit. A dog can mistake you for shrubbery.

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