I woke up with so much energy today! Not only did I make the girls some oatmeal, but I've also already started making some crock pot chicken noodle soup. It's rare that I wake up when my kids do on Saturdays, but it's so much nicer because they haven't torn my house apart like they usually do. Waking up to these flowers (featured #ontheblogtoday), the sun shining in, and birds chirping in is a perfect mix of being relaxing and invigorating. Do you wake up when your children do on the weekend? If not, what do they do during that time?<br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momsofinstagram #motherhoodrising #unitedinmotherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #mommyblogger #momlifestyle #mommymoments #motherhoodunplugged #momblog #momcommunity #momboss #bestofmom #communityovercompetition #ig_motherhood #mommylifeisthebestlife #lbloggers #lifestylebloggers #pbloggers #happy #fbloggers #momswithcameras #flowerbouquet #instamoment #our_everyday_moments #Teleflora #handmadebytf

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With food articles, editor and owner Theresa often enjoys exploring her Italian-American heritage by trying out different recipes. She also draws inspiration from her husband who is an incredible cook. As a millennial mom, Theresa shares home decor tips that will fit any family’s budget and space. In a past career working in movies, Theresa was often mistaken for the make up artist on set. Although she doesn’t work in the entertainment business anymore, she continues to enjoy sharing beauty and fashion tips with readers.


Whether you want Me Time ideas or a new way to spruce up your wardrobe for the next season, you can find it in these articles from Theresa’s Reviews.

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