Soufeel Jewelry Review

One item that makes a great gift for a mom is a charm bracelet. While researching gifts for mothers, I tried out a charm bracelet and five charms from a company called Soufeel. Since I received my bracelet...
mission belt review

Mission Belt Review

As a huge fan of the television show Shark Tank, in the past I have been granted awesome opportunities with several of the Shark's companies, such as Chord Buddy, Freshly Picked, and Hot Tot hair care. Now, I c...
Analog Watch

Analog Watch Co. Review

Waiting until the last minute to order your Mother's Day gift? Buy a wooden watch from Analog Watch Co. to make mom smile. Your gift can impress mom, while also showing that you know what she really likes. Pick...
spring shopping tips

Spring Shopping Tips

Now that the long winter is over (whew!), it's the right time to start cleaning out winter items and replacing old things. Redo your look with a fresh, vibrant style. Spring shopping can help spruce u...

Bellroy Wallet Review

Remember the 45th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld, "The Wallet?" George refuses to get a new wallet, even though his large, old wallet causes him severe back pain. George's wallet is so full that it ends up...