Excitedly, I discovered a wallet, which I received for free, that I’m adding to my list of best men’s holiday gifts for 2013. Bellroy wallets have a stylish look, which would appeal to style-conscious men, and the item has practicality that would appeal to rugged men who don’t care a lot about fashion. When shopping for relatives and significant others, wallets are a great pick as a gift because most men could use an upgrade to their old wallet. Personally, the wallet my husband currently uses has threads coming loose, but he’s never cared enough to purchase a new one. I know any guy in my life, from my dad to my husband, could appreciate a top-of-the-line wallet for Christmas.

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Men’s Wallet Review

Initially, photos of the leather with a soft, high quality look drew me to find out more about the product. I could see in the photos that the leather looked thin and appealing. Leather creates a very timeless look for wallets, and is incredibly durable. As a product reviewer, with Theresa’s Reviews, I reached out to the company to see if I could sample an item for free. Generously, the company offered to send me an item to help inform my writing. Happily, I can explain how the item looks and feels to help you decide as you make your holiday shopping list.

Before I even looked at the wallet, I was completely impressed with the style of packaging the company used. Wallets come wrapped in tissue paper, in an awesomely rustic style cardboard case, with stitched thread to give a homemade feel. As I never seem to wrap items with elegance, I love that the company’s design simplifies the process of giving the item as a gift. Most interested in how the design worked, I checked out a handy online video by Bellroy, describing the Hide and Seek Wallet. Discovering the practicality of the item, I learned that a flap helps hide dollar bills, so men can keep their $100 bills hidden from view.

Great for active men, the wallet has a slim design. Excellent for men who travel overseas, the wallet can hide big bills and travelers’ cheques. Examining the item, I liked how the interior light brown leather complimented the dark leather of the exterior. Appealingly, the interior had a nice pattern where dollar bills go.

At first glance, my husband thought the wallet looked too small to hold his cards. After trying the product out, my husband and I realized that what makes the wallet special is its ability to hold a lot without becoming bulky. Thin leather adds to the slim feel of the wallet. Previously, my husband always got irritated with the thickness and heaviness of old wallets when he wore gym shorts. I love that the Hide and Seek wallet is perfect for carrying in gym shorts because of the lightness of the item. Personally, I feel that the product lived up to its description, with details that added to its appeal. Wholeheartedly I recommend the product as a men’s gift for the holidays. 


I received an item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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