Remember the 45th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld, “The Wallet?” George refuses to get a new wallet, even though his large, old wallet causes him severe back pain. George’s wallet is so full that it ends up exploding, with papers flying everywhere in the busy street. As I write my holiday product reviews this Christmas season, I’m reminded of how some of the men in my life could relate to the character George. Giving up an old wallet can be hard for men. Only the right wallet can do the job.

Bellroy Wallet Review

Bellroy wallets are made for the guy who wants to carry the essentials. To study the latest trends in men’s fashion for the holiday season, I reviewed the Hide & Seek wallet in black. My husband tried out a Hide & Seek wallet last year, right before the company made an announcement of an updated style via Facebook. Ryan’s brown wallet has held up excellently in the past year, and he would highly recommend the wallet to others.  Looking at the two wallets, neither of us could visualize a major change in the style, which we liked because the style he currently has is dependable and high quality.

Bellroy wallet review

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Sleek black leather attracted me to the product. As I used to intern and volunteer in the fashion industry, I noticed that the item had a hip, trendy look that could appeal to guys of all ages. While writing my Bellroy wallet review, I hoped that my late night photographs showed how attractive the leather was. For a reasonably priced gift, the wallet looked and felt amazing. I compared the new wallet to the older wallet that my husband had, and I could barely tell a difference in the way the wallets looked. The older wallet endured regular use for a year, and it barely showed signs of wear.

Bellroy wallet review

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One of the neat features of the wallet is the part that gives it its name Hide & Seek. When you put cash in the wallet, you flip up a small piece of leather that helps hide the cash from view. I’ve found that the flap feature is helpful in different circumstances. Last weekend, when we went to the local aquarium, my husband needed to take out his yearly aquarium pass. Because we were in a major city, I wouldn’t have wanted strangers to see how much cash we were carrying. I was relieved that Ryan could take out his yearly pass card without letting anyone see the cash in his wallet.

If you are giving a wallet as a holiday gift, you might persuade a guy to give up his beloved, old, ragged wallet when you give the Hide & Seek wallet. Last year, my husband made the switch, and he is happy with his choice. When given the choice to trade to the brand new wallet, my husband didn’t even feel the need to keep the new wallet because his old one is in such good condition. I like that the wallet looks cool and stays slim and light, so it doesn’t weigh my husband down when we go out as a family. In the future, I plan to continue keeping my eye on Bellroy products to discover new trends, while hoping that the company might introduce some awesome, trendy women’s products too.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Tricia

    Great review! I should really get one of these for my husband. He is currently using a binder clip- no lie. This wallet looks really nice and sleek. I loved that Seinfield episode!


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